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Sprouts are adorably tiny, but they pack a mighty punch as one of the most nutrient-dense and sustainable foods on the planet! 


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“Amazing. I had no idea I could grow delicious and nutritious food so easily right in my kitchen. I've been buying expensive kale and spinach to put in my lunchtime protein shakes every day, but now I just grow my own sprouts using this simple bag. Saves money and I know I'm getting fresh, high quality food every time. I wish I had discovered sprouting years ago.”

— Bryan D. 

"As always, I am thrilled with the quality of seeds that Sproutman sells. I wouldn't trust anyone else!"

— Deborah Z.  

“I purchased 3 bags a couple of months ago and have been eating the fresh mung bean sprouts I grow 2x a week with my family. My husband and two kids love it very much. My 3.5 year old daughter is so proud of my work, she often says, ‘Mom, I really like the mung bean sprouts you grown, so yummy!’ I wish I could share pictures of my sprouts… I really love it!”     

— Shirley

Hi there, we’re Ari & Noah—the Sprout Brothers.

We believe sprouts have the power to change the world. Our dad, Steve Meyerowitz, founded Sproutman in 1977 after sprouts drastically improved his chronic health issues. (He had a sprout superhero costume and everything!) We are committed to continuing his important work by introducing as many people as we can to these incredibly powerful and widely accessible superfoods. 



Ari & Noah  

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