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Green me up, Sproutman!

Want a little more green in your life?
Effortlessly grow micro-greens and sprouts in your kitchen. Just add seed and water, and the Freshlife does all the rest!
There's no soil, no mess, and no hassle.

Dry air got you down?

The Humio is for you! Enjoy an enlightening cool mist anytime you want. Enhance the air you breath by with a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Beginner's Dozen
non-GMO, organic sprouting seed.

Get the dozen and save more than $50 over ordering separately.

Beginner's Dozen
Huge savings on the ultimate juicer.

Just pay for the juicer, and get two of Sproutman's best-selling juicing books plus free shipping on us.

Sprout reading books
Sproutman's Book Bundle

Get all nine of Sproutman's books, plus free shipping and a bonus Sprout Chart.


Get started now.

No matter what your goal is, actually getting started can be the most daunting part. These bundles and kits are designed to help you take those first steps. Whether you want to grow your own sprouts, start juicing, or cultivate a new relationship with your food, we’ve assembled bundles with everything you need to get you started on the path to wellness.

Our favorite products.

Greenstar Pro Commercial Juicer
Tribest Dynapro Commercial Vacuum Blender
Sproutman's 7 Day Just Juice Diet: Detox, Lose Weight, Feel Great
Humio Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
Sproutman®'s Book Bundle
Dr. Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray
Dr. Wheatgrass Super Balm
Frozen Wheatgrass Juice
Sproutman®'s "Turn-the-Dial" Sprout Chart
Freshlife 3000 Automatic Sprouter
Beginner's Dozen Sprouting Seeds
Slow Star Juicer
Sprouting Essentials Package
Sproutman's Wheatgrass Grower
Freshlife 1000 Sprouter
Sproutman's® Sprout Bag - Just Dip In Water, Hang It Up, & Watch 'em Grow!

Start your indoor sprout garden with our specially-selected organic, non-GMO sprouting seeds.

You can grow delicious baby greens and vegetables that are bursting with concentrated nutrition – just One Week from Seed to Salad®! Become a year-round indoor organic gardener without ever getting your hands dirty or leaving your house!

Sproutman organic sprouting seeds are the finest quality sprouting seeds available. We meticulously test each batch of organic sprouting seeds to ensure that they’re free from harmful bacteria, that they germinate well, taste great, and look great too.

Growing sprouts and micro-greens is so easy.

We developed three home sprouters so you can grow them too.

  1. The Sprout Bag by Sproutman: made from sustainably-produced, untreated, chemical-free, organic hemp fiber. Sprout Bag is easy to use, extremely-durable, and budget friendly.
  2. Sproutman’s Freshlife Automatic Sprouter: effortlessly grow sprouts with the Freshlife Automatic Sprouter. Stackable up to three levels high, and waters automatically. Simply lay the seeds, add water, and watch them grow!
  3. Sproutman’s Wheatgrass Grower: a stackable tray-growing system for wheatgrass, sunflower, buckwheat, pea shoots and more.

Since 1977, health-conscious people around the world have been growing organic sprouts, in their kitchens, all year round thanks to Sproutman.

Got Juicers? We do! 
Kitchen tools: juicers,
blenders, dehydrators, + more.

Our line of juicers, blenders, dehydrators, and water solutions have been carefully chosen based on ease-of-use, product quality, and of course, the quality of the product you’ll produce using them. These machines are lifetime purchases from reputable companies that care about you, us, and their products. We use these products in our own homes, and stand behind everything we sell.

Take control of your health with Sproutman’s best-selling health and diet books!

Sproutman books offer you vital information about enhancing your health from the inside, out. Steve Meyerowitz, Sproutman, was a crusader for sprouting, juice fasting, organic foods, and hydration and detoxification therapies. When mainstream medicine failed him, he independently conquered his own severe allergies, asthma, and psoriasis, and he went on to offer help to countless others. His books offer timeless information on a broad spectrum of health topics, techniques, solutions, and ideas –– all presented in a light-hearted manner, easy to understand and implement.

Wheatgrass is nature’s finest medicine.

Wheatgrass is a superfood with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s packed with high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and digestive enzymes, and is totally wheat and gluten-free.

We make it easy to grow your own wheatgrass using our organic wheatgrass seed and wheatgrass growers. We also help you to extract the juice for wheatgrass shots, so you can easily ingest it and reap the health benefits. Sproutman was a pioneer in introducing the virtues of wheatgrass to health-conscious people globally. We have educational resources, books, and products for you.

Who are the Sprout Brothers?

Ari and Noah Meyerowitz are the Sprout Brothers. They’re actual brothers, too! They grew up in the Sprout House with their mother, father, sister, dog, and many sprouts. Their father was Steve Meyerowitz, Sproutman. They watched as he traveled the world educating and introducing people to the wonders of sprouting, juicing, and good health.


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