Water The Ultimate Cure
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Water The Ultimate Cure


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Discover Why Water is the Most Important Ingredient in your Diet

Find Out Which Water is Right for You

Water is the stuff of life. The most dominant element on our planet. It is so crucial, that its presence on another planet is the single most exciting clue scientists can find in their search for life. Yet, we take our water for granted and overlook its essential role in our health.


  • Headaches
  • Joint & Back Pain
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Fatigue & Insomnia
  • Cravings
  • Allergies and Asthma
  • Arthritic Pain
  • Constipation


Water The Ultimate Cure encourages you to drink up and drink often and helps you sift through the water jungle to find which water is right for you.

  • Spring/Bottled Water
  • Well Water
  • Municipal Water
  • Filtered Water
  • Distilled Water
  • Reverse Osmosis
It is estimated that more than 30% of senior Americans are dehydrated. Water deprivation causes a host of ailments, most notably metabolic dysfunction, constipation, fatigue, and even heart attack. It is no coincidence that the fountain of youth was thought to be overflowing with water. – Dr. Ronald Klatz, MD, Pres. American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine You are not sick, you are thirsty! – Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, MD., author of Your Body's Many Cries for Water Most of us do not naturally drink the amount of water necessary for improvement, so we function with low level dehydration and suffer a variety of diseases as a result. – Julian Whitaker, MD Editor, Health & Healing Newsletter

From the Author "The human body is like an envelope encasing 20 trillion living cells. Each cell swims in a fluid of salty water. All proteins, minerals, vitamins, fats, and other molecules are suspended in that water. Water is not just present in every cell, it is essential to its survival. Good hydration provides healthy cell repair and regeneration. An improperly hydrated cell is weakened and more susceptible to infection and alteration (malignancy). We humans walk through life carrying around approximately 10-13 gallons of water. A deficiency of only 10% can lead to chronic health complaints. Subtle dehydration is alleged to afflict 30% 50% of Americans. Water cushions bones and joints, transports nutrients, flushes toxins, regulates body temperature, and empowers the body's natural healing process. You cannot achieve optimum health without accommodating your bodies many needs for water." ISBN# 978-1-878736-20-8, Nov. 2001, 96pg, ppbk.

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