Sprouts: The Miracle Food


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In this book Sproutman shows you the joys of indoor organic gardening. Learn how to grow delicious baby greens and mini-vegetables that are bursting with concentrated nutrition – just One Week from Seed to Salad®! This step-by-step guide will make you a year-round organic gardener without ever getting your hands dirty or leaving your house.

The book includes comprehensive sprout nutrition charts, common questions and answers, a seed resource section, illustrations, photos & charts.

The Agriculture of Tomorrow is Here Today

Our grandparents bought their food from the local farm. Today, it is often flown in on airplanes after being sprayed with chemicals, irradiated, and genetically altered. Local produce is much more widely available now, but you can also grow your own pure, fresh organic food right in your kitchen - all year round! The secrets to creating self-sufficient, organic meals are here in Sprouts: The Miracle Food.

The Kitchen of Tomorrow Will Grow Food in Addition to Preparing It

Your family and friends will delight in eating fresh, organic young vegetables in the middle of the winter. Sprouts are baby plants at their most nutritious stage. They’re bubbling with enzymes and beneficial phyto-chemicals. You can feel their vitamins! Twice the protein of Spinach! Four times the protein of lettuce! Flavors like succulent buckwheat lettuce, hearty baby sunflowers and spicy garlic chives. Grow them in your kitchen and bring sunshine to your diet. No green thumb and no soil necessary. It’s easy. It’s fun. Sprouts: The Miracle Food shows you how.

“Great Sprout Book! I thought this book was terrific! It opened up a whole new world to me. Sprouting makes me feel like I can take part in growing my own food and can control the quality of the food I eat.” – A Reader

“Meyerowitz is definitely the Sproutman. We never knew there were so many sprouts — so many flavors and textures. … The medicinal properties of these little plants, not to mention their prodigious nutrition does indeed make them a miracle food.” – Healthy Times Magazine

“This is definitely the complete guide to the seeds and tools necessary to cultivate hundreds of pounds of food. … A book overflowing with information… [about] the integrity of good health. Meyerowitz writes with just the right pent-up passion to make converts of us all.” – Book Reader Magazine

Dedication "God Bless Ann Wigmore and Viktoras Kulvinskas, Prophets of Health and Spirit, Whose Teachings Have Given Birth to a New Generation of Healers." ISBN #978-1-878736-04-8. 224pg. ppbk. Sproutman Publications, 2008 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 99-90521

Customer Reviews

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Robert B

Sprouts: The Miracle Food

Ruth Luptowski

I recently purchased the sprouter and several different varieties of sprouts. Second batch is about to be taken out of the sprouter, it is fun to watch, easy to do, and nutritious besides. Over the years I have sprouted in jars and other containers, even grew some in soil. This is by far the best and easiest.

Diane Davis

Love my Sprouts!

L. Greywolf
Wonderful Sproutman products

I am very happy with the sprout man products that I recently purchased.

brian garcia
Loving it

Did not know we would be in the middle of a pandemic but i have unlimited greens every day. Thanks