Sproutman's 7 Day Just Juice Diet: Detox, Lose Weight, Feel Great

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Your easy-to-follow guide to juice cleansing, packed with delicious recipes.

Sproutman’s 7 Day Just Juice Diet is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step program using combinations of healthy juices, herbs, and a wide variety of specialty drinks to cleanse your system. Health benefits include weight loss, reduced arthritic pain, stabilized blood sugar, renewed energy, and increased immunity, as well as a fresh start on establishing better eating habits.

If you’ve never experienced a juice diet before, you’ll be amazed at how nourished and energized you’ll feel. Follow Sproutman’s diet of super-charged juices that are simple enough for the beginner and challenging enough for the more experienced juicer.

Use the Power of Fresh Juice to Turbocharge Your Health, Lose Weight and Reverse Disease!

Juicing expert and health crusader Steve Meyerowitz presents a highly effective approach to preventing disease and premature aging. In the 7-Day Just Juice Diet book, he illustrates the power to turn back the clock by cleansing toxins from the body’s cells and tissues and giving the digestive system a rest by eliminating solid foods from the diet. This easy-to-follow, juice-based cleansing program will invigorate the body’s inherent capacity for healing, weight management, and longevity.

The book offers expert guidance on selecting the right juicer, juicing efficiently, what to eat before your fast, and planning a daily routine. Optional therapies that will enhance the cleansing process are also recommended. Q&A’s from former participants give valuable insights on what to expect during the program.

Recipes in the daily menus include homemade V-8 Juice and Sweet Beet Juice, specific tonics for colon and liver cleansing, and transition smoothies – all of which become part of a repertoire of healthful drinks. Post-cleanse suggestions will help you to reinvigorate your health on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. Juice cleansing will provide a month of health benefits in only one week.

Juice your way to better health!

I have spent my whole life promoting juicing and fasting and detoxification. I’m thrilled to see that Steve Meyerowitz has put together a well organized and practical program incorporating these powerful tools. They will purify your bloodstream, detox your liver, and cleanse your colon. These are the fundamentals that relieve chronic fatigue and eczema, reduce allergies, lower cholesterol, and shed excess pounds. I’ve seen it a thousand times. Follow the natural laws as laid out in this book and you will be amazed at how quickly your body heals. —Jay Kordich, “The Juiceman”

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jennifer Myers

Sproutman's 7 Day Just Juice Diet: Detox, Lose Weight, Feel Great

William Scott
Sproutman's 7 Day Just Juice Diet: Detox, Lose Weight, Feel Great

Fantastic book! Very helpful, in every regard.

Shawndi Borup
Love the cover!

I love the comprehensiveness of this book! Seeing Steve, The Sproutman on the cover brought a smile to my face and a few tears to my eyes for the legacy he left for all of us.

Mr M.
This book is just off

This book is just "off of the charts good!" I have relied upon Steve's first book, "juice fasting and detoxification" for so many successful juice fasts over the years and this program gives the user everything needed to get on the road to amazing benefits! RIP Steve, you have made my life so much the better, you will be missed.

Nancy H.
I am on day three

I am on day three of the post 7 day cleanse and I woke up and remain in a heightened state of consciousness. Thank you for pioneering this work to be available for me!

I'm grateful I had the 10-14 days to eat accordingly for the pre and post fast! The 7 day juice fast was probably the best gift I could give myself. I feel empowered, vibrant and energized. A few observations during the fast: I was never hungry and felt completely satisfied. I napped mid day as I was tired a couple of days but was rejuvenated to exercise daily. Post cleanse observations: I lost 5.5 pounds, the bags under eyes are GONE and my mouth felt fresh and clean all the time.

I followed the program consistently with the exception of altering the colon cleanse after 3-4 days. I used 6-8 oz coconut milk, 8 oz coconut water and then 16 oz water, AND I added organic vanilla extract and cinnamon! Yum! I exercised daily and changed it up.

We had guests over last night and I was concerned about my level of discipline as they brought teriyaki pork, guava chicken, teriyaki shrimp, chile rellenos, bread and Snapple! (Hawaiians) I juiced a fresh watermelon and muddled organic mint to make virgin Mojito's, a large organic salad with baby greens, tomatoes, cucumber, alfalfa and sunflower sprouts and a balsamic, olive oil dressing. I also offered fresh pineapple for dessert! I sat and conversed while they ate corn and taro chips, salsa, smoked salmon dip, cashews, etc. I drank watermelon juice and ate pickles and cucumbers!! I had NO desire to partake in anything else. I was so pleased with the evening how good I felt after dinner and this morning. The guests all complained about how stuffed they were after dinner! Duh!

I was only slightly hungry one evening when I went to bed, but that was my choice as I had my desire to lose some weight I had gained during my 3 year new relationship. He is a "foody" and restaurant owner, so it is a daily opportunity for discipline. Gratefully, the restaurants in AZ a...