Frozen Wheatgrass Juice

Starts at $99 for 50oz. Free delivery.

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  • No juicer required.
  • Ready to use.
  • Divinely convenient.
  • Easily melts to drink.
  • Juice extracted minutes after harvest.
  • Frozen in seconds under nitrogen.
  • Zero oxidation.
  • Slow 80 rpm juicing.

“Many terminally ill people who have never had access to fresh squeezed wheatgrass juice used this frozen juice to treat their disease with remarkable results. This was the only juice they used for their healing. Read their stories in full in the Real Stories from Real People chapter of my book Wheatgrass Nature’s Finest Medicine.” –Steve Meyerowitz, Sproutman

Pricing is $1.25 - $1.99 per ounce depending on volume. (Minimum order is 50 oz).

Our Frozen Wheatgrass juice is grown beyond organic standards. No chemicals are ever used and we even grow our own seed. We juice first cuttings only. We harvest the grass during its young stage at a height of 7 - 11 inches. At this point, it is loaded with living energy and when squeezed, the tender young blades express a chlorophyll rich, dark green juice. Wheatgrass juice is considered a complete or super food because the broad spectrum of nutrition. It can support the growth of large thousand pound animals. Wheatgrass juice has been used by thousands of people all over the world as a natural medicine and therapeutic elixir.Price indicated includes next day air delivery in almost all USA and Canada locations. Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico residents please click on the "Contact US" link and request a freight quote. Price is either in US or Canadian dollars whichever appropriate for where you live.

Free & Fast Delivery! All shipments will be delivered as quickly as possible, considering the fragile nature of the product. No signature is required. Product is insulated and will not thaw out during the day waiting for you to arrive home.

Watch this video of Steve Meyerowitz preparing and drinking the frozen wheatgrass Juice sold here from master outdoor wheatgrass farmer Tom Stem.

Watch this video of the manufacturing process.

When harvesting, we cut above the ground to minimize field contaminants.

Second, the cutting process is noisy and provides ample threat chasing away any vermin nearby. We literally never even see a cricket in the cut grass!

Third, we wash our grass in ozonated water. Then the grass is run through a second entirely fresh well water rinse and then it goes to a shaker with air “guns” shaking and blowing the blades clean. All of this cleaning is done at room temperature—never any heat. When wheatgrass is harvested in its prime, the water actually beads off of it like beads of water a freshly waxed car.

Fourth, we test for quality and safety on every batch. We track the lab results for every bag of wheatgrass juice with the numbers stamped on the package.
There are a number of different laboratory tests that we perform. Spectrophotometer, water, and juice testing is done on a continuous basis.

–Tom Stem, farmer + founder.

DISCLAIMER: While we personally use this product to pursue excellent health, we are not, nor do we represent ourselves to be medical or health care professionals and expressly make no guarantee as to any health or medical benefits obtained by the use of wheatgrass juice. You agree to assume complete responsibility for any decision to use our products for any purpose, including health or medical purposes and assume complete responsibility for any consequences to your health, whether alone or in conjunction with any other health or medical product and agree to consult with a qualified health care professional before engaging in any use, especially if you have any known health or medical conditions. Neither Sproutman nor DynamicGreens Wheatgrass Ltd., nor its officers, directors, agents, employees, or assignees is responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of wheatgrass juice or from the use of any of the suggestions, preparations or procedures outlined, discussed or recommended on this web site or elsewhere.

REFUND POLICY: We are a family business and always strive to do the right thing. While we have a no refund policy for this frozen juice, if you believe your situation merits special consideration, please use the “Contact Us” button to reach us and explain your concerns.

Customer Reviews

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Great service and people !

Frozen wheatgrass

I loved the way the package was packed and I absolutely love the wheatgrass. I will definitely be buying again as I need to

I love it. Very neutral flavor

I love it. Very neutral flavor.
I don’t like that some tiny bits seem wasted when broken into chunks but hopefully it’s all worth the cost for health benefits. I’m seeking nutritional info.


Frozen Wheatgrass Juice


Fresh Frozen Wheatgrass Juice Is great for settling gastrointestinal issues. I make a smoothie each am. Thank you!

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