Six Ways to Get Help

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  2. F.A.Q Section: Our F.A.Q department is quite extensive. Spend some time there. Do some reading and research on your own. It’s free and it’s loaded with answers to commonly asked questions.
  3. Sproutman TV: View Sproutman’s archive of videos addressing a wide variety of gardening issues.
  4. Blog Department: Search our Blog archive to find similar issues that Sproutman has addressed before or ask a new question to be answered by the Sprout Brothers. The blog was Sproutman’s forum for addressing common issues that other folks might also be dealing with and whose answers will benefit lots of folks, not just yourself. The Sprout Brothers will answer any new questions as soon as possible.
  5. Sproutman Books and CDs: If you really want to find out what Sproutman thinks, it’s in his books. Nutrition, research, gardening, recipes, storage, trouble shooting, answers to common questions, and much more.
  6. Don’t Forget: Sproutman’s Turn-the-Dial Sprout Chart. This is an interactive sprouting chart that functions like a field guide. You can hang on your refrigerator and it will provide you with all the basic info for about 28 different varieties of sprouting seed. (If it is not on there, then you should not be sprouting it!)