Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seed

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Alfalfa means the “father of all foods” for a reason. 

These sprouts are a fantastic way to sneak more nutrients into your diet, being a good source of B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin K, and beneficial immune-supporting compounds. Alfalfa is a great beginner sprout, as it is simple to grow, has a mild flavor, and is easy to blend into a variety of dishes.

Growing Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seed

Best Sprouter: Freshlife Automatic Sprouter.

Next Best Sprouter: Hemp Sprout Bag. Ready in 7 days.

Seed Storage & Viability: Up to 3 years when stored in a glass jar in a cool, dark place. Refrigerate or freeze in a sealed freezer bag to extend storage life.

Why Sproutman's Organic Sprouting Seeds are best.

We source globally from select, trusted farms and importers. This allows us to offer an eclectic variety, and a consistently great quality.

Every batch is independently lab tested. We only buy from sources that provide a certificate of analysis such as this. The labs test for things like E. Coli, salmonella, yeast, and molds. Every bag gets stabbed with a 24 inch test tube to collect a sample. Every pallet gets a lot #. You get the same number on the back of your packet. The samples get grown and tested. Nothing in microbiology is 100%, but these tests get us pretty close to guaranteeing purity. In addition, it may be of some comfort to know that there has never been a case of salmonella from home-grown sprouts.

Only the cleanest batches are sent to us to be test-grown in our kitchen. We grow the seeds using the same sprout growers we recommend to you, to ensure that we’ll all share in the same results. Not all seeds are equal! Every seed is tested before it's allowed to go to packaging and the Sproutman name is put on it.

Customer Reviews

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Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seed

Pleased with purchase

I think I received the seeds within a week of placing the order which was nice. The packaging is nice and the seeds seem to be good quality. I have sprouted at least one batch each of broccoli, fenugreek, alfalfa, and mung beans and they all sprouted well. For me alfalfa are the best because they are the mildest, then broccoli.


Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seed


Being organic and non-GMO is my prime interest.

Haven’t started the seeds yet but they have been good in the past

I was surprised the sunflower seeds came in the shells, but I will read about it before starting. Thanks

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