Power Juices Super Drinks


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Did You Know?

  • A parsley and celery juice combination is a proven headache helper.
  • A smoothie of papaya, peppermint, and fennel relieves indigestion faster than the top-selling antacid.
  • A simple licorice tea can stop children's coughs.
  • Cranberry juice neutralizes the bacteria that causes bladder infections.
  • An enzyme in pineapple juice reduces swelling and inflammation of joints due to arthritis.

Includes Nutritional Therapies using Foods, Herbs, Supplements, Teas, Juices, Blended Drink Recipes Backed by the Latest Scientific Research [table id=4 /]

Foods & Herbs Discussed in this Book with the Latest Nutritional Research About What They Can Do for You

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Why Juice?

"Because of our complex modern diet and overburdened digestive systems, only 10% of what we eat ever makes it to the trillions of cells that are in charge of our health. Juices, teas, milks (non-dairy) and other drinks are a fast and easy way to get the vital nourishment we need to help prevent and fight disease." – Steve Meyerowitz

Customer Reviews

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Teresa O'Brient
Power Juices Super Drinks

Great recipes. Can't wait to get healthy!!!!

This book has been invaluable

This book has been invaluable to my family, we've used it for the past decade. The book is so informative and well written, if you're just getting into juicing and using nutrition to help your body heal, let this book be your guide.
You can look up by ingredient or by ailment and find a wealth of useful information to help your body heal. We don't have an expensive juicer, but i'm able to make most of the recipes I need with a trip to the produce aisle, and occasionally, a trip to the Health Food store. I know I'm going to have this book in my kitchen for the rest of my life. thank you Steve for writing such an empowering book!