Wheatgrass 101: Benefits, Shots, and Growing

Wheatgrass has helped thousands recover from serious illness. However, it is neither a drug nor a magic potion.

Wheatgrass is the cornerstone of a holistic health restoration program that includes detoxification, nourishment from raw living foods and a revamping of the lifestyle including the mental and emotional conditions that initiated the ‘dis-ease. Currently, it owes its popularity to an underground movement that is made up of thousands of individuals, hundreds of practitioners and a handful of healing resorts who all testify to its healing properties.

Unfortunately, wheatgrass is unlikely to ever be approved for medical use in the current pharmaceutical industry. Large companies can't patent grass. As a result, companies can't invest in or make a profit off of large advertisement campaigns.

Wheatgrass is an amazing source of nourishment that can be considered a complete food. It contains all known vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Furthermore, it's a blood purifier, a colon cleanser, and a liver detoxifier.

This is the reason why it is used in specialized clinics around the world where people with terminal illnesses have gone as a last resort after being rejected by conventional medicine. That's not to say that wheatgrass is a magical cure. It's simply a potent natural plant medicine.

Wheatgrass is an adaptogen, an immune modulator, a deep nourishment, a supplier of plant hormones for growth and repair, an energizer, and ultimately a rejuvenating elixir. It is also gluten-free.

Wheatgrass' Healing Properties

Rebuilds the Blood

Purges the Liver

Cleanses the Colon

Neutralizes Toxins

Heals Wounds

Alkalinizes the Blood

Increases Hemoglobin

Stimulates Enzyme Activity

Chelates Out Heavy Metals