7 Tips to Nix Holiday Stress

The holidays are upon us! Gifts, good spirits, and beautiful decorations abound. But as jolly as these days can be, they can easily become a little stressful. Amidst all the love and celebration, finances can be tight, family dynamics may become taut, and wits can become stretched to their tattered ends. For many of us, the tide of the […]


Juicers vs. Blenders – Which Is Better?

Isn’t the juice I get from my Vitamix the best? I get this question a lot. The Vitamix is an impressive high performance machine, but it is a blender, not a juicer. (That goes for the NutriBullet, too…)  So the more accurate question to ask is… Juicers vs. Blenders – Which is Better?  Blenders include the whole […]


Get Out Your Sprout Bag. Autumn Is for Sprouting!

Summer is always an exciting season of bounty. Eating healthy becomes incredibly easy with so many local, seasonal greens at our fingertips. But, just because summer is behind us doesn’t mean our plates should become bland and veggie-less. Sprouting has the power to keep every kitchen full of fresh, nutritious greens year round. As autumn sets in, now is the perfect […]


Why You Can’t Trust The Food Labels (GMO)

Like most folks, I enjoy fresh, sweet corn in the summer. Most of the time I don’t even cook it. (You don’t have too!) I buy from small farmers at my local farmers market. I love to buy local, but I often wonder, how do I know it’s not genetically modified corn? Once upon a […]


Frozen Wheatgrass – Why I Love It.

Ann Wigmore got us all started growing wheatgrass indoors in trays. She lived in Boston, after all, and apartment gardening was her only real option as it was also for many of her students. But her predecessors, men like Charles Schnabel and E.V. Irons, only grew wheatgrass outdoors. In a conversation I had with Dr. […]