Sproutman’s Top 10 Reasons To Start Sprouting

by Steve Meyerowitz, Sproutman®

Sprouts? Are they garnish, or are they food? Many who don’t know much about sprouts put them in the same category as parsley, a garnish that you put on your food but not much of a food in itself. That’s not my view. Anyone who takes the time to discover sprouts will learn that they are simply baby plants and some of those plants are widely used in cuisines around the world. If I were to mention, broccoli, cabbage, garlic, onion, chives, radish, buckwheat, lentils, peas, mustard, rye, you would likely acknowledge that you consume these foods. And if I were to mention alfalfa, farmers the world over would tell how important it is to them, their land, and their animals. All of these foods are essential of our food chain. It just so happens, that these are all fast growing plants and if you were to examine them after only a week’s time, you would already notice their green leaves starting. Even at this early stage, these plants provide the full flavor of the fully grown adult vegetables. In the case of alfalfa, the adult plant’s leaves are just a little bit too chewy to be considered delectable by people, but its baby leaves, the sprouts, are perfectly scrumptious.

Top 10 Reasons:

EconomicsSeeds can multiply from 7-15 times their weight. For alfalfa costing $10.00/lb. for the seed, a modest 10x yield would cost $1 per pound. That’s less than any fresh organic greens you can buy.
NutritionSprouts are baby vegetables in their prime. They have a greater concentration of nutrients including proteins, vitamins and minerals, enzymes, RNA, DNA, and phyto-chemicals than at any other stage of growth. Some nutrients can be 50x more concentrated in the sprout than in the mature vegetable!
OrganicsNo pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers, nor fumigants, no GMOs. No foolin!
AvailabilityFrom Atlanta to Alaska; in January or July, experience fresh living food. Anytime, anywhere. On a boat or on hiking a mountain trail.
Space & TimeIt’s Easy! Just add water! No soil. No bugs. No green thumb required. No special lights. One pound grows in only 9 inches of space. Only 1 minute of care per day.
FreshnessEaten when picked. No loss of nutrients sitting on the produce shelf.
DigestibilityAs baby plants, their delicate cell walls easily release elemental nutrients. Abundant enzymes make them easy to digest even for those with weak digestion.
VersatilityMore varieties of salad greens than on the supermarket shelves. Including buckwheat lettuce, baby sunflower, garlic chives, broccoli, daikon radish, crimson clover, golden alfalfa, pea shoots, and more... Your salads will explode with happiness!
Menus & MealsMake sprout breads from sprouted wheat, Kamut, or spelt. Snacks from sprouted peanuts, hummus dip from sprouted garbanzo, spreads and patés from sprouted peas and lentils. Dressings from sunflower sprouts. Sautéd wok dishes from sprouted Chinese mung, adzuki, and soybeans. Even sprouted wheat bagels and pizza!
EnvironmentFood doesn’t get more local than this! No airplanes, no trucks, no gas or oil required. No petroleum based pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

The Advantages of Growing Sprouts:

  • Fresh Living Salad. Low fats, Low calories. High in Energy.
  • Contains 4X the protein of lettuce! 2X the protein of Spinach. 39X more Beta-Carotene!
  • Get a 100% Organic Salad 52 weeks a year for only pennies per pound!
  • Instead of 1 head of lettuce, you get 1,000′s of micro-lettuce leaves.
  • Great spicy flavors like radish and garlic chives or Mild ones like Buckwheat lettuce & Alfalfa
  • Only 1 minute of watering per day. Needs only normal room light & temperature.
  • No Soil. No Green Thumb. Only 1 min per day!

Choosing the Right Equipment & Seeds

To sprout successfully you need the right seeds and the right equipment. All of our Certified Organic Sprouting Seeds go through two different stages of testing. First, all seeds are lab tested for bacteria — including salmonella and E-coli. Next, they’re sent to our testing facility where we personally test the germination rates, size, rate of growth, root strength, and of course, flavor. You can browse the full line of Sproutman’s Organic Sprouting Seeds here. In terms of Sprouters, browse the store category here.