Tribest Personal Blender 250

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Portable ice-crushing, smoothie making, coffee-grinding power for people on the go!

This is is the complete blender and grinder set, with 2 large and 2 small Blend-N-Serve cups and lids.

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Versatile and portable for today’s busy lifestyle, Tribest’s Personal Blender 250 allows individuals and families to blend multiple drinks without having to stop and clean a bulky blending jar for each recipe. Blend and serve your own individual drink right in your own individual Blend-N-Serve cup, or take it to go with the secure and convenient lid. There’s no extra mess to clean up and everyone gets just what they want. In under a minute, life just got a whole lot tastier!


The high-powered, smoothie-blending, coffee-grinding, sauce-making wonder with Blend-N-Serve cups for the convenience.


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The PB-250 Blending and Grinding Package Includes:

• Personal Blender Motor Base – 110V
• one Blending Blade Assembly
• one Grinding Blade Assembly
• two 16 oz BPA Free Blending Containers
• two 8 oz BPA Free Grinding Containers
• one commuter sipping lid
• three Regular Lids

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Blending/Grinding blades are completely enclosed during operation, making it impossible to come in contact with spinning blades. Advanced safety features prevent operation when the blades are not completely enclosed.

The powerful 250 watt motor easily blends all your favorite ingredients, including ice, and grinds all your grains, nuts, and seeds.

Two modes of operation: One touch pulse and press and twist continuous modes for blending and grinding to that perfect consistency.

The non-polycarbonate (BPA-free) Blend-N-Serve cups are virtually unbreakable. They’re made from the same material that’s used in bullet-proof glass.

What Sproutman is saying about this blender:

“I love this blender because its low speed motor protects the foods from oxidation. Because the blending is air-tight, no air can be sucked in while blending. This is in contrast to those big, high-speed blenders, which oxidize and over-process your food. High-speed oxidation destroys the delicate plant compounds and nutrients that you need for your healing.”


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Weight4 lbs
Dimensions14 x 22 x 22 in