Tribest Z-Star Manual Conversion Kit


On the road with no electricity? No problem! Use this Z-Star Manual Conversion Kit to transform your SoloStar 4 or SoloStar 3 cold-press juicers into manually-operated machines.


Wheatgrass contains some of the highest concentrations of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients when compared to other fruits and vegetables. It is also one of nature’s richest sources of chlorophyll and hundreds of other live enzymes.

Until recently, obtaining the juice from this miracle plant required purchasing expensive juicers or making a trip to your local juice bar to buy a shot.

The Z-Star Manual Conversion Kit is the perfect convenient and affordable way to turn your Solo Star 4 or Solo Star 3 Juice Extractor into a manual juicer. Now you can free your juice from electrical outlets!

The Z-Star Manual Conversion Kit was made so you don’t have to give up juicing while traveling. Just take the juicing parts from your Solo Star, along with the Z-Star Manual Conversion Kit, and you have a portable manual juicer. It’s perfect for camping and for use wherever electricity is unavailable.

Additional information

Weight4.5 lbs
Dimensions4.5 x 9 x 6 in