AlkaViva Melody Water Ionizer


Want the very best value ionizer in the world?

  • The revolutionary JP104 Melody comes with the amazing UltraWater filter system for maximum purity, energization and filtration ability. Test results Here
  • The Melody is backed by Ionlife’s 100% customer satisfaction policy.
  • The Melody uses the patented MARC system that cleans in the background so that you never have to wait for fresh, clean water. With other competing brands you have to wait while they clean.
  • Plus AlkaViva models clean with every use so that no scale is built up on the plates. Why invest a lot of money in an ionizer that will often in months drop in performance due to mineral buildup?
  • AlkaViva models are energy efficient and able to outperform much larger ionizers using the latest micro-technology.
  • You can choose to attach your AlkaViva Melody to either your tap or directly to the water line below your counter or install under the counter by purchasing one of our patented dual-outlet, above-counter faucets.

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Take Back Your Tap!

Clean and Healthy Water – You want two things primarily from an ionizer: clean and healthy water. AlkaViva offers cutting-edge filters that remove a wide variety of contaminants from your tap water before the water is ionized to improve alkalinity and antioxidant potential.

Performance – The Melody employs five platinum/titanium electrodes. Each titanium elctrode is coated with
pure platinum using advanced robotically controlled electroplating techniques – ensuring top performance and reliability. The electrodes in the Melody shine in comparison to anything else on
the market. You can rest assured knowing your Melody is tried and true – one of the world’s best selling ionizers over the last four years!

Durability and Cleaning – An ionizer is an investment that should last, and the electrodes are the most important component in your ionizer. Mineral scale can build up on the electrodes over time, decreasing performance. All ionizers employ some form of cleaning cycle where the polarity of the electrodes is reversed to help minimize this. However, it’s inconvenient to not be able to use your ionizer while it’s in a cleaning cycle. Our new patented reversible chamber offers automatic water flow regulation so you can always enjoy alkaline water even while your ionizer is cleaning. That results in a 1:1 cleaning ratio as compared to 30:1 found in many other ionizers.

Longevity – With AlkaViva and Emco Tech, you buy with absolute certainty that your company will be around to support you long after some of the other companies have left you high and dry. In the last five years, at least 8 manufacturers have come and gone in the market place, and new ones have popped up. Emco Tech has been manufacturing ionizers for 30 years, and AlkaViva has been marketing them in the US for 10 years. All warranty repair and service is done in the US and Canada.

Performance Features

Cutting-edge Electrode Design Five advanced solid robotically electroplated platinum-titanium electrodes – backed by Emco Tech’s R&D and 30 year reputation.

Automatic 1:1 Cleaning The MARC [Motorized Automatic Reverse Cleaning) system was the first in the industry to offer an automatic 1:1 cleaning:usage ratio. It reduces mineral scaling from electrodes and increases the useful life of your ionizer. It also means you never have to wait for a cleaning cycle to complete to get a drink.

Outstanding Filtration The Melody employs our revolutionary patented filtration system – the most advanced internal ionizer filter available today.

Emco Tech MICOM Electronics The MICOM System is a microcomputer that controls all functions and maintains suitable water pH according to the volume of water flow. It features self-diagnosis and a one-touch system for all functions. The MICOM control system optimizes the pH and ORP of your water and helps keep your ionizer in top working condition. A new indicator light alerts you if service is needed on your ionizer.

Flow Control The Melody offers a flow control knob providing you better control of the water pressure and pH settings. The flow control also provides for the possibility of alternate installation options.

Convenient User Friendly Features

Voice Confirmation This feature audibly tells you what type of water you have selected each time you use the ionizer. This feature is fully adjustable allowing you to turn the volume up,
down, or completely off.

FND Filter Life Indicator The Melody counts actual filter use so you know when to change the filter. An LCD display will flash on the control panel to alert you when filters need to be replaced.

LCD Control Panel The panel changes color to match the output water:
Blue = Alkaline;
Red = Acidic;
Green = Purified.

Flow Rate Indicator This indicates the rate of water flow through your Melody.
Alkaline and Acidic level indicators A lighted numerical display indicates the level of ionization selected.

Functional Features

Installation The Melody can be installed at your sink with a diverter from the tap, plumbed directly to your cold water line or installed under-sink with an optional kit. The installation kit comes with everything you will need to perform a standard installation, including a DVD and manual.
The short but very informative DVD shows you everything you will need to know to install, optimize and maintain the performance of your ionizer. Unique or custom installations may require extra parts and or adapters.

pH Test Kit Contains test tubes, reagent liquid and a pH color chart to help you monitor your ionizer’s performance and so that you can be sure you are drinking the right level of pH.

Optimal Water Conditioning No matter whether your water is hard or soft, you can condition it using the external port. In areas with soft water or water that is low in naturally occurring calcium and other dissolved minerals, you can add calcium to boost ionization performance. In areas of hard water, easy to use Scale Guard Inserts drop into the external port, eliminating mineral scale.

Protective Features

Low Pressure Alarm Not enough water flow can damage any ionizer. If your ionizer experiences low pressure, it will automatically turn itself off, so Emco Tech has built in an LCD indicator that will illuminate
if water pressure is the reason your ionizer stopped working. This feature safeguards the water cell and protects your investment.

Hot Water Alarm/Temperature Shut Down Hot water can damage your filter. An LCD alarm will illuminate if hot water accidentally runs through your ionizer. The Melody also employs a thermal switch in the water cell to shut down the ionization process in the event hot water is run through it or in case of a power surge. This small but valuable feature gives you peace of mind.

Electrical Protection The Melody has a glass tube fuse that will protect the expensive circuitry in case of power fluctuations or surge