Organic Chia Sprouting Seed


Sprouting grade chia. A mild flavored, leafy green, gelatinous seed similar to Arugula.

Chia is a gelatinous seed. Gelatinous seeds are a group of seeds that form a gel or mucilage when wet. Chia is the second most popular in this group, second only to arugula. It matures in 12-14 days and is slightly sharp. For more information on special techniques for germinating gelatinous seeds, see Sprouts the Miracle Food.




Growing Organic Chia Sprouting Seed

Best Sprouter:
Clay saucer or a 1:5 ratio mix in the Freshlife Automatic Sprouter.
Next Best Sprouter: On the surface of the Hemp Sprout Bag.
Ready in 12 days. Full instructions in Sprouts the Miracle Food
Seed Storage & Viability: Up to 3 years when stored in a glass jar in a cool, dark place. Refrigeration and freezing optional.

Forms a gel when watered. Grow using a terra cotta saucer or on the surface of a flat sprout bag. Or mix chia with alfalfa in a 1:5 ratio—1 Tsp chia to 5 Tsp Alfalfa and grow it using a vertical alfalfa growing method. 12 days to maturity. For more on growing Arugula and Chia, read “Gelatinous Seeds” in Sprouts the Miracle Food.

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