Organic Barley Grass Sprouting Seed

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An alternative to wheatgrass. Growing times, technique, looks, and nutrition is essentially the same. Unlike wheatgrass, taste is somewhat bitter.

Barley seed is devoted to growing grass which is intended to be juiced. It has a heavy husk and cannot be consumed as sprouts. Barley greens are too fibrous – it is not an edible salad green unless you are a cow or a horse! Instead barley grass juice is used for detoxifying the liver and boosting the immune system.

Barley is a grain, so there is no way to eat raw barley unless you sprout it. Sprouting barley breaks it down enough to make it largely digestible without cooking. In addition, sprouting increases B-vitamins, protein, and fiber. Barley is easy to sprout and great for making sprout bread. There is a whole chapter in Sproutman’s Kitchen Garden Cookbook devoted just to making breads, crackers, cookies, pizza and more. The blades of barley are 100% gluten free. Soil is never necessary to sprout barley.



Growing Organic Barley Grass Sprouting Seed

100% USDA Certified Organic
Best Sprouter: Sproutman’s Wheatgrass Grower, next best: Freshlife Automatic Sprouter.
Next Best Sprouter: Hemp Sprout Bag., but only as a seed starter.
Grass is Ready in 12 days.
Seed Storage & Viability: Up to 1 year when stored in a glass jar with a rubber seal on the inside of the lid. Put in a cool, dark place. To extend storage life, refrigerate or freeze in a tightly sealed freezer bag.

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100% Non-GMO

“Steve, Thank you for sending me more than I had coming on my last shipment of sprouting seeds. I have been very pleased with the excellent service you have given me. You are a credit to the industry and I will be glad to do further business with you.” –Sincerely, Pat Secrist, Midland, MI

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  1. Hi, No question just a compliment.
    I started growing wheat grass with your wheat grass kits and enjoyed beautiful tall mold free grass. I thought maybe i could get the seed cheaper elsewhere and bought a bunch of seed from a competitor. My grasses started getting very moldy and were not growing well. I thought it was the winter and not enough sun or maybe i was spreading mold somehow. I tried everything, but couldn’t get good grass to grow and was just about to give up instead ordered some more seed from you. Your grasses grew beautifully and no mold. I did one more tray of the other and again the mold was all over it. So to anyone out there who thinks they want to save money, your grass is worth every penny. Every seed sprouts beautifully into the most beautiful lush grass. Thank you.

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