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Sprouts The Miracle Food


Let the Sproutman show you the joys of indoor organic gardening. Learn how to grow delicious baby greens and mini-vegetables — just one week from seed to salad. This guide can make anyone a self sufficient gardener of sprouts that are bursting with concentrated nutrition. Includes the most comprehensive nutrition charts on sprouts in print, plus common questions and answers, Seed Resource section, illustrations, photo’s & charts.

ISBN #978-1-878736-04-8. 224pg. ppbk. Sproutman Publications, 2008
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 99-90521

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Let the Sproutman show you the joys of indoor organic gardening. Learn how to grow delicious baby greens and mini-vegetables — just one week from seed to salad. This guide can make anyone a self sufficient gardener of sprouts that are bursting with concentrated nutrition. Includes the most comprehensive nutrition charts on sprouts in print, plus common questions and answers, Seed Resource section, illustrations, photo’s & charts.

ISBN #978-1-878736-04-8. 224pg. ppbk. Sproutman Publications, 2008
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 99-90521


The Agriculture of Tomorrow is Here Today?

Our grandparents bought their food from the local farm. Today, it flies in on airplanes after being sprayed with chemicals, irradiated, and genetically altered. It’s enough to topple the Jolly Green Giant….or give him cancer. Can we keep our food pure, fresh, local, and available year round- Yes! For the price of beans! As the world population multiplies, the kitchen of tomorrow will grow food in addition to preparing it. Why wait? The secrets to creating self-sufficient, organic meals are here in Sprouts The Miracle Food.

The Kitchen of Tomorrow Will Grow Food in Addition to Preparing It

Your friends & family will delight in eating fresh, organic young vegetables in the middle of the winter. Sprouts are baby plants at their most nutritious stage. They’re bubbling with enzymes and phyto-chemicals. You can feel their vitamins! Twice the protein of Spinach! Four times the protein of lettuce. Flavors like succulent buckwheat lettuce, hearty baby sunflowers and spicy garlic chives. Introduce them into your kitchen and bring sunshine to your diet. No green thumb and no soil necessary. It’s easy. It’s fun. Sprouts The Miracle Food shows you how.


“God Bless Ann Wigmore and Viktoras Kulvinskas, Prophets of Health and Spirit, Whose Teachings Have Given Birth to a New Generation of Healers”

The Sproutman’s guide to organic kitchen gardening shows you step by step, how to grow these delicious baby greens and mini-vegetables in just one week from seed to salad. This book can make anyone a self sufficient, year-round organic gardener without ever getting your hands dirty or leaving your house. These mini-veggies are among the world’s most nutritious vegetables. Includes the most comprehensive nutrition charts in print on sprouts. Plus, seed resources, illustrations, photos & Questions and Answers with the Sproutman.

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10 reviews for Sprouts The Miracle Food

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    Personally I tried over several years using the jar method and ended up with rotted seeds and no useable sprouts. Your method is almost failsafe. Thanks for a great book.

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    I just wanted to write and express my gratitude for Sprouts the Miracle Food. It’s a wealth of lifelong knowledge. Your book will be a very resourceful guide to my eating habits and hopefully my family’s also.

  3. :

    I have read Water: The Ultimate Cure and Sprouts The Miracle Food. I found the writing style and information both of the highest order. I thoroughly enjoyed both books. I have found all of your information so very informative and want to again say thank you for efforts to guide people to a more healthy approach to eating. It is a war that is being fought in the trenches against seemingly insurmountable odds, but with Generals like yourself leading the charge, progress is being made. It seems more and more people are starting to realize that you are what you eat, and are tired of feeling like a lumbering cow!

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    Great Sprout Book! I thought this book was terrific! It opened up a whole new world to me. Sprouting makes me feel like I can take part in growing my own food and can control the quality of the food I eat.

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    “This is definitely the complete guide to the seeds and tools necessary to cultivate hundreds of pounds of food. … A book overflowing with information. There is an integrity of good health here. And Meyerowitz writes with just the right pent-up passion to make converts of us all.” –Book Reader Magazine, July 1997.

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    “This guide can make anyone a self-sufficient gardener of sprouts that are bursting with concentrated nutrition. And no one says it better than the man of greens himself–the Sproutman.” –Natural Foods Merchandiser. January 1998.

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    “Meyerowitz is definitely the Sproutman. We never knew there were so many sprouts — so many flavors and textures. … The medicinal properties of these little plants, not to mention their prodigious nutrition does indeed make them a miracle food.” –Healthy Times Magazine, March 1998.

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    “Steve Meyerowitz, AKA Sproutman, has helped the environment, saved money, cured allergies, asthma and other health conditions and fed hundreds with his self-proclaimed “miracle food”: sprouts. So, it’s no wonder he has come to be known as a sprouting superhero. In his book, Sprouts the Miracle Food, Meyerowitz passes along some of the sprouting knowledge which he has accumulated through several decades of producing sprouts of every imaginable variety, right in the kitchen of his Brooklyn apartment.

    Meyerowitz is, as one might guess from the shiny green Sproutman costume he is wearing in his author photo, a zealous advocate for the growing of sprouts by everyone, everywhere. His book certainly will further his cause: nearly every aspect of sprouting, form selecting seeds, to growing, storing and determining medicinal properties and nutritional value of various spout types is detailed in this book.

    Although portions of this book focus on subjects such as pesticides, water quality and composting (Meyerowitz is also the author of The Organic Food Guide and Water the Ultimate Cure), which are only marginally related to small-scale sprout production, most of the book is dedicated to outlining Meyerowitz’s simple, inexpensive, efficient method for growing an abundance of sprouts in small spaces, such as home kitchens. This method is based on using various natural fiber baskets and bags as containers for growing sprouts. According to Meyerowitz, growing simple sprouts such as lettuce requires only seed, counter space, 1-2 minutes of watering per day, normal indoor daylight, 5-10 day’s time, a bamboo basket and a plastic bag-like greenhouse. In his words, that’s “all it takes to have something most people will covet–an alternative source of fresh food.”

    What is notably lacking in this book is a good list of sprout recipes, or at least more detailed suggestions for foods and meals that are extraordinarily enhanced by the addition of sprouts, for those of us who haven’t fully hopped onto the raw and whole foods bandwagon. Although there are probably many excellent sprout recipes in Spoutman’s Kitchen Garden Cookbook, another book by Meyerowitz, the closest thing to cooking/recipe tips that I could find in this book is a mention of “snacks from sprouted peanuts, hummus dip from spouted green peas, Chinese sautes from mung, adzuki and lentils, even sprouted wheat pizza!” and a few allusions to foods such as “Sunflower Sun-Cheese. Of course, Meyerowitz’s affection for sprouts seems to be such that he would have trouble imagining any meal that wouldn’t be enhanced by a sizeable dollop of sprouts.

    Emphasizing the nutritional and medicinal benefits of sprout consumption seems to be at the center of Meyerowitz’s persuasive argument for sprouting. He backs up some his health claims with scientific data from sources such as the USDA and the National Cancer Institute. Other claims lack citations and are most likely drawn from the vast pool of anecdotal information regarding natural foods and medicinal herbs. However, what is likely to appeal to most readers of this book isn’t the hardcore health information and raw data that is presented. It’s Meyerowitz’s clear presentation of technical information: his instructions are clear, specific and concise. In fact, much of this book reads like an instruction manual for sprouting. It is easy to wish that Sproutman’s kitschy enthusiasm were displayed more prominently throughout the book. The “Questions and Answer with Sproutman” and the “Sprout Oath” which includes a pledge to “stick to my roots, serve and be served [and] be sproutful and multiply” showcase some of the Sproutman persona, more of which would almost certainly enhance this book.

    All in all, Sprouts the Miracle Food is a well-researched, informative book that is sure to be a useful guide for health or environmentally-conscious folks who are looking for ways to produce their own healthful foods. After reading this book, readers will almost certainly want to try growing and eating sprouts, although most people still won’t want to dress like a sprout. That’s something that’s probably best left to Spoutman anyhow.” – The Midwest Book Review, July 2007, Tammy Biondi, Reviewer

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    First: Thank you for helping to make this world a healthier place!! I love my sprouts and you are the BEST resource for me to send my clients to in their journey of sprouting!

  10. 5 out of 5


    Contentwise, this book is great, see the other reviews for that. This review is specifically for the “E-book” version of this book.
    The PDF is simply a scan of the book, most pages are stored as images in the pdf, and there is no Table Of Contents in the PDF itself, just the toc in the first pages that are part of the book. Also, the pagenumbers in the book don’t match the pagenumbers of the PDF, because it, well, being not much more than a scan.

    This makes searching the book impossible, navigating a chore (look up the pagenumber in the scanned toc, and add 16). On small screen (less than 9inch) the book is therefore simply unreadable because the text cannot be zoomed (because the pages are scanned images, and not text).

    Summarized :
    Consider twice before paying for the pdf version if you want to use it on an e-reader. This pdf is only good for viewing on a pc, or printing.

    • :

      Hi SproutKrauter,

      Thanks for the comment. We’re working on improving the e-books on our site, and we’ll take your advice into consideration.

      Be well!
      Sproutman’s Education Team

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