Sproutman®’s “Turn-the-Dial” Sprout Chart


A field guide to growing and eating sprouts at your fingertips!

Sproutman’s Sprout Chart is a field guide to growing and eating sprouts, right at your fingertips. Just turn the wheel on Sproutman’s Sprout Chart and dial up a complete catalog of sprout growing information and photos. Since the 1980s, health-conscious people who want to pursue a more wholesome lifestyle have been using the innovative Sproutman’s Sprout Chart to learn how to enhance their diet with nutritious sprouts.


Sproutman’s Sprout Chart Includes:

Complete sprouting instructions.
Taste, growing method, usage, seed amounts, days to maturity, light, and skill level.
Types of sprouting equipment.
Recipes for sprout bread and more.

Sprouts: are they garnish, or are they food? People often put them in the same category as parsley, a garnish that you put on your food, but not much of a food in itself. Sprouts are simply baby versions of plants that are widely used in cuisines around the world: broccoli, cabbage, garlic, onion, chives, radish, buckwheat, lentils, peas, mustard, rye. And farmers the world over would tell you how important alfalfa is to them, their land, and their animals.

All of these foods are essential of our food chain. They are all fast growing plants and after only a week’s time, you can see their green leaves starting. Even at this early stage, these plants provide the full flavor of the fully grown adult vegetables. Their baby leaves, the sprouts, are perfectly scrumptious.

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