Sproutman's Wheatgrass Grower


This versatile, space-saving wheatgrass grower kit is only 13 by 19 inches. Small enough to sit on any kitchen counter.

The 3-tray kit is vertically stacked to preserve your counter space! Each tray yields approximately 1 pound of wheatgrass. Results will vary depending on how densely you pack the seeds and how tall you harvest your grass. One pound of grass should yield about 12 ounces of juice. Need more wheatgrass? No problem! Stack your grower up to 10 trays high and yield up to 10 pounds of grass. Get extra trays here. For comparisons of wheatgrass grown in soil vs. grown hydroponically, read the nutrition and healing chapters of Wheatgrass Nature's Finest Medicine by Steve Meyerowitz.

Benefits of Wheatgrass

Rebuilds the blood Increases hemoglobin production Heals wounds Kills germs Cleanses the colon Alkalizes the blood Neutralizes toxins Purges the liver Stimulates enzyme activity Extracts heavy metals

Wheatgrass has been nourishing animal life for 60 million years - some of them large, muscular, multi-thousand pound cows, horses and elephants. Although humans don't have the digestive capacity to break down the excessive cellulose in grass, we do consume grains - wheat, rice, corn, oats - which are the seeds produced by grass. Ancient civilizations were driven by the quest for greener grass. Today, humans can finally reap the benefits from the thousands of concentrated plant compounds in grass thanks to the modern invention of juicing. Wheatgrass rebuilds the blood, cleanses the intestinal tract, soothes irritated tissues, reduces bacteria populations, purges the liver, neutralizes toxins, alkalinizes the blood and stimulates enzyme activity. When wheatgrass is used in concert with a total holistic health program, it has the potential to turn your health around.

Customer Reviews

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Much better for getting enough

Much better for getting enough Wheatgrass vs the automatic machine.

Easy to put together and

Easy to put together and easy to clean.

Growing system

I love how easy it was tu put together!!! Can't wait to start growing it!! Hope it's as easy as they say

Great but with two issues

Nice unit with high quality trays and structure. However there are two things that could be improved. First,the covers (both the dark cover and the clear cover) are EXCEEDINGLY flimsy and not up to the standard of the rest of the kit. Secondly, the trays are not the standard 10 x 20 size.

Hi, Douglas! We're so happy you're enjoying our Wheatgrass Grower, and appreciate your constructive feedback. Happy sprouting!
Wheatgrass growers kit

This is a well thought out wheatgrass growing tray system. I looked at a lot of different trays and growing flats and I have to say,
"this is a well built and will last for many happy harvests."
This is one very happy customer and can't wait for the health benifits that lay ahead of me. this kit is worth the money and investment in your health.

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