Organic Sunflower Sprouting Seed

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Reach for the sky with these protein-rich shoots.

Sunflower is one of the most popular and unique of all sprouts and microgreens, boasting a nutty flavor and a delicious, semi-crunchy texture. These towering greens are high in zinc, B vitamins, vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and protein, making them a great snacking sprout for when you need a nourishing pick-me-up.


Sunflower sprouts mature within 8 to 10 days! Once harvested, store the dry sprouts in the fridge in a bowl or bag with a little airflow. They should last for about a week (if you don’t eat them all before that!). Click here for more in depth growing instructions on sprouts and microgreens.

Best Sprouter: Freshlife Automatic Sprouter

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Seed Storage & Viability: Up to 1 year when stored in a glass jar in a cool, dark place. Refrigerate or freeze in a sealed freezer bag to extend storage life.


Not all seeds are equal! We source globally from select, trusted farms and importers. This allows us to offer an eclectic variety, and a consistently great quality.

Every batch is independently lab tested. The labs test for things like E. coli, salmonella, yeast, and molds. Every bag gets sampled and these samples get grown and tested. Nothing in microbiology is 100%, but these tests are the closest to guaranteeing purity. Only the cleanest batches are sent to us to be test-grown in our kitchen. Every seed is tested (sometimes multiple times) before it's allowed to go to packaging and wear the Sproutman badge.

Customer Reviews

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Love them!!

Love them!!

I have bought sunnies and

I have bought sunnies and wheatgrass from Sproutman over many decades. The sunflowers sprout consistently, most seed covers split and open, and plants stay at similar heights for cutting. I have wasted time and money in buying from other sources, and it is a definite mistake with marginal and intermittent germination. These are the best, and I thank Sproutman for making my vegan life easier. These can't be beat.

The best sunflower sprouts with

The best sunflower sprouts with hulls removed.

I purchased the sunflower seeds

I purchased the sunflower seeds for sprouting a few weeks ago...have harvested a couple of trays and have been eating salads with them...they are by far the most tasty, hearty, beautifully structured microgreens I've ever eaten. They sprout fast and within a week, had my first harvest. I have a great level of comfort as they certify all their seeds for the most common "yuks" that can be found...I had considered purchasing seeds from other vendors but no one has the level of quality that Sproutman delivers on consistently...Thank you Sproutman!! :)

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