Pick Your Favorite Sprouts to Eat

by Steve Meyerowitz, Sproutman®

Below is a brief description of the most popular sprouts—their usage, taste, and growing method. For more details get my interactive Color Sprout Chart or Sprouts the Miracle Food. “FL” refers to my Freshlife Sprouter and “Bag” recommends using my own invention: the Hemp Sprout Bag. WGG is my Wheatgrass Grower. “Days” is the number of days it takes to mature.

Sprout Variety:
Large leaf micro-green 7-10 inches tall. Hardy green leaf with rich flavor. Freshlife, 8 days.
BroccoliRich broccoli flavor, small green leaf. Salads. Freshlife or sprout bag. 6 days.
French OnionAbsolutely delicious. Baby onion greens. A must. Freshlife or bag. 14 days.
Garlic ChivesThe best way to eat garlic. Chlorophyll reduces odor. Freshlife or bag. 14 days.
AlfalfaHearty mild, leafy green for salads or juice. Freshlife or sprout bag. 7 days.
Red CloverSpicier cousin of alfalfa. Freshlife or Sprout Bag. 7 days.
Crimson CloverSpicier cousin of alfalfa with jumbo leaves. Freshlife or Sprout Bag. 7 days.
China Rose RadishSpicy and colorful. Delicious in salads. Freshlife or Sprout Bag. 6 days.
Daikon RadishHottest of the radishes. Freshlife or bag. 6 days.
Chinese CabbageRich cabbage flavor, small green leaf. Salad. Freshlife or Sprout Bag. 5 days.
FenugreekHealthful bitter salad herb. 4" long stalk and big leaf. Freshlife or Sprout Bag. 8 days.
Buckwheat LettuceLong 4-5" stalk, big succulent leaf, salad. Freshlife or Wheatgrass Grower. 10 days.
Shelled SunflowerNutty and tart. Great for snack or salad. Sprout Bag. Maximum 2 days. Refrigerate thereafter.
Garbanzo/Chick PeaGreat for dips like hummus, cooked vegetable or soups. Sprout Bag 5 days.
Sweet Green PeaFresh garden peas. Cooked vegetable or soups. Sprout Bag 5 days.
Mung BeanChinese saute dishes or add to salads. Sprout Bag 5 days.
Adzuki BeanCousin of mung with flavor. Salads, cook, saute. Sprout Bag 5 days.
Green Pea ShootsGrows into a 10 inch tall shoot with large leaf. Mild. Sprout Bag 5 days or FL or WG Grower or Freshlife 9 days.
French LentilPopular addition to salads, marinate, soups or sautes. Sprout Bag 5 days.
Red Sprout PeanutSuperb dry roasted snack. Use only raw valencia peanuts. Sprout Bag 9 days or until shoot is the length of the nut.
Hard Red WheatMake sprout breads and crackers using the Bag. 2 days. Or for growing Wheatgrass. WGG. 12 days.
WheatgrassWheatgrass and Kamut grass. WGG or Freshlife. 12 days. Soil or no-soil. Use for Juice therapy.
Barley GrassBigger than wheatgrass, more protein & chlorophyll. WG Grower. Soil or no-soil. 12 days.
Kamut WheatBest sprout bread. Highest protein. (see grass) Bag. 2 days.
Soft White WheatSprout cookies, crackers, cereal, snacks, rejuvelac. Sprout Bag 2 days.
Spelt: Wheat AlternativeSprout cookies, crackers, cereal, snacks, rejuvelac. Sprout Bag 2 days.
RyeDelicious sprout bread recipes. Less sweet than wheat. Sprout Bag 2 days.
Brown MustardHot! Small dark green leaf. Spice. Sprout Bag 5 days.
QuinoaA crunchy, tiny grain sprout for salad or breads. Sprout Bag 2 days only.
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