Beginner's Dozen Sprouting Seeds

$171.94 $110.86

Enjoy our most popular and delicious varieties—a great way to start tasting and testing our best sellers.      This bundle contains one bag of each of our 12 premium sprouting seeds. It’s a great way to save money while...

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Sproutman®'s Broccoli Sprout Super Starter Kit


Broccoli Sprouts are delicious, and have the most anti-cancer research of any variety. This kit contains everything you need to grow Broccoli Sprouts, one of our personal favorites, and most popular varieties. There is more documented research on...

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Sproutman®'s Bean Sprout Essentials Starter Kit


Grow an organic garden of beans and peas right in your own kitchen using Sproutman®'s Bean Sprout Essentials Kit. No soil, no hassle, no green-thumb required. In less then a week, you'll harvest your own delicious mung beans, garbanzos, green peas,...

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Sprout Bag Salad Kit

$71.00 $59.00

A duet of Sprout Bags. Sprouting made easy! Rinse, hang and watch sprouts grow with our organic, chemical-free, natural hemp fiber Sprout Bags. You’ll have fresh, green sprouts in 4-5 days from the comfort of your kitchen—ready just in time...

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