In less than a week, you could be enjoying the freshest organic food, grown in your very own kitchen…


Farm-to-table? Try table-to-table! We eat sprouts whole, roots and all. This is special because unlike any other vegetable, that means they're still "alive" even after they're harvested. And what's so great about "living foods?" They're loaded with nutrition, are super enzyme-rich, and especially digestible. (They also stay fresh longer than full-grown lettuces in the fridge, so say goodbye to wilted greens!)


We get it. Our lives are busy, too! But we're all about being healthy, and want to help you be the healthiest you can be, too. We're committed to making a healthy lifestyle as simple, convenient, and sustainable as it can be. That means we're constantly developing innovative solutions, removing as many obstacles to a healthy life as we can.


The safety and quality of our sprouting seeds is paramount. Each batch of seed is independently lab tested by the grower. Then that same batch is tested by the distributor. Finally, only the cleanest batches are sent to us to be test-grown (personally by us Sprout Brothers) in our kitchen. Triple-tested assurance that every seed wearing the Sproutman badge is of the highest quality, and will produce the finest sprouts.

Spreading the Sproutful Message since 1977.

Ari & Noah Meyerowitz

Brothers Ari and Noah Meyerowitz believe sprouts have the power to change the world! Over 40 years ago, their dad Steve Meyerowitz founded Sproutman after sprouts drastically improved his chronic health issues.

Ari and Noah are committed to continuing his work by providing the highest quality organic sprouting kits, as well as the education and inspiration you need to live a healthy, sustainable, and wildly fulfilling life.

Our founder, Steve Meyerowitz

Steve was named “Sproutman®” by Vegetarian Times Magazine in a 1979 feature article that explored the why’s and wherefores of his 100% sprout diet. He's the author of more than 10 books on sprouting, juicing, wheatgrass, organic food, and healthy living which are distributed globally and translated into 11 languages. He's also the inventor of innovative home-sprouting devices.

Steve got interested in natural foods after a 20 year effort to correct chronic allergies and asthma with conventional medicine. He made dramatic changes in his diet and within two months of eating a strict “living foods,” vegetarian diet, his lifelong symptoms vanished.

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