Sprout Bag Salad Kit


A duet of Sprout Bags. Sprouting made easy! Rinse, hang and watch sprouts grow with our organic, chemical-free, natural hemp fiber Sprout Bags. You’ll have fresh, green sprouts in 4-5 days grown in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Cleansing sprout trio: Mung Beans, 8oz Salad Mix & Power Protein blend. Shake up your mealtime routine with this assortment of these protein-packed 3 Sproutman favorites. This mix of seeds, including alfalfa, red clover, green pea and garbanzo, pack the nutritional punch you need to last these winter months.

Bundle Includes:

1x 16oz Mung Bean
1x 16oz Power Protein blend
1x 8oz Salad Mix
2x Sproutman Sprout Bags

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Nance Cohen
Sprout on

Got my bags soaking with three different mixes. To sorry will continue. Love the bag and ease of use can't wait to see the growing sprouts..

Heidi Bock
First order

My first ordered included two sprout bags, and I added radish and salad seeds to grow in jars. I am very happy with the products and am now trying to see how often I need to start seeds to ensure I never run out of fresh sprouts! So easy and so tasty!

Cynthia F
First time

I have a love hate relationship with growing sprouts. One batch is good, the next goes in the composter. I decided to try Sproutman Bag Salad kit. It works! It was easy, the sprouts taste fresher. I think that is because they weren't sitting in that tiny bit of water. The hemp bag was easy to rinse and refill. I have to determine how large my sprouts need to be for max flavor. I will reorder and recommend.

Lena Rawlings

The sprouts are growing good ...started Monday this week.

Isabel L Rose
Happily Sprouting !

Love your sprouts!! Fun and delicious!!
Thank you!!

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