Beginner's Dozen Sprouting Seeds


Enjoy our most popular and delicious varieties—a great way to start tasting and testing our best sellers.

This bundle contains one bag of each of our 12 premium sprouting seeds. It’s a great way to save money while exploring the full spectrum of sprouts and microgreens. (By ordering them all together, you’ll save $60+ and get FREE SHIPPING!)

For more on the characteristics on each individual seed in the dozen, please click on any flavor in the list below to read about that specific variety. Get even more information about seeds, their storage, and their growing characteristics in Sprouts: The Miracle Food.

Includes 12 Certified Organic Sprouting Seed Varieties:

*In the seed business, we're dealing with nature. Sometimes, due to growing conditions, we are unable to find a satisfactory batch of specific variety. If that's the case and we're out of one of the seeds listed above, we'll substitute it with another delicious option.


Ever sprout has a slightly different maturity rate, but the process remains pretty much the same across the board. Click here for in depth growing instructions on sprouts and microgreens.

Best Sprouter:Freshlife Automatic Sprouter

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews

What was shipped to me did not include everything that was ordered for the beginners dozen. I received a note stating more items will ship but still haven't heard anything. So far, I have had no trouble sprouting broccoli, alfalfa, salad mix and sunflower in the sprouting machine.


I’m just about to start munching on one bag and from what I’ve tasted they’re delish.

Great sprouts

We just started growing sprouts as a way to add nutrient rich greens to our diet in the winter. The kids are having a lot of fun watching the sprouts grow and enjoy eating them. The first batch of alfalfa sprouts were gone the day they matured. We still have may different seeds to try which keeps things interesting. So far we are very happy with the purchase. The hemp grow bag makes it easy to maintain. Since we ate the first batch so fast we decided to add the jar method to our production. It seems to be working ok but I prefer the hemp bag because of the air flow.

New to this but Sproutman made it easy

Great products. Fun times ahead. Package arrived in great time and as ordered


What a speedy delivery. Will purchase again.

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