Duet Water Revitalizer


Energize your water, energize yourself!
By drinking water processed through the Duet Water Revitalizer you are enhancing your body’s ability to maintain balance.

Your body is comprised of up to 67% water. After oxygen, water is the most basic need for human life. It is easy to see why drinking the best water is just as important as breathing the cleanest freshest air and consuming the healthiest foods. Water is essential in health and vitality. On a cellular level, water is responsible for getting nutrients into your cells. It is the means by which we flush toxins and metabolic waste from our bodies. It is even essential in how our brain and nerves communicate throughout our bodies. By drinking water processed through the Duet you are enhancing your body’s ability to maintain balance.

Switch from water to full-spectrum, living water!

Despite the fact that tap water is still more or less free, people are increasingly willing to pay top dollar to get water that is filtered, purified, structured, ionized, enhanced with minerals, etc. Yet people everywhere are still asking one basic question: What is the best water?

Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist who has shown us the power of our thoughts for making changes to water, said: “To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature and life itself.”

Introducing the Duet Water Revitalizer

Put the life back into your water and the passion back in your life

The quality that gives water its life and energy is its structure- the specific hexagonal ordering molecules forming a coherent matrix capable of faster intracellular movement and more rapid information exchange. Many scientists believe that by maintaining the liquid crystalline properties of water within our bodies helps support vibrant life and longevity.The Duet Water Revitalizer works by utilizing the natural spiral movement found in nature. Nature uses vortices (formed as water moves), electromagnetic fields (from the Earth and from her rocks and minerals), and salts (minerals in ionized form) to create water’s liquid crystalline state—structured water. The Duet Water Revitalizer uses these same natural forces by spinning water (vortex) within a magnetic field while releasing tiny amounts of minerals from the basket in the base of the pitcher. This process returns water to its living, liquid crystalline state with high levels of oxygen and vital energy.


The Duet Water Revitalizer oxygenates, energizes & purifies through aeration and breaks down water molecules into smaller particles for better hydration



  • Easy to use- Simply plug in the machine, fill with water, choose your time setting and watch it work
  • 3 Settings allow you to energize your water to a personal level of preference
  • Helps purify water through aeration*
  • Also useful for plants and animals, all biological organisms can benefit from living, structured and energized water
  • BPA-Free


  • Lid
  • Pitcher
  • Spinner and Silicone Ring
  • Mineral Basket**
  • Vitalizer Base


To learn more about ionized water read Sproutman's Water The Ultimate Cure. https://sproutman.com/water-the-ultimate-cure/


Dancing with Water is an engaging and well-referenced guide designed for everyone (professional and nonprofessional) interested in understanding and revitalizing their water. It accomplishes what no other book has attempted—the blending of science with esoteric wisdom that has survived the ages. Dancing with Water introduces the New Science of Water, leading the way to a more complete understanding of water’s liquid crystalline phase and of its biological significance.

Interested in a Q&A with M.J. Pangman? Read it here: https://blog.sproutman.com/2018/06/06/putting-the-life-back-into-your-water/

Duet Specifications:

9.5"W x 14"H x 9.5"D Weight - 9 lbs Voltage - 110V(for use in the USA, Canada, Mexico) Pitcher Capacity: 2.2L / 0.6 Gallon Mineral Basket contains Prills, Ceramic Tourmaline Balls, Ceramic Ion Balls Mineral Basket Life - ~3500 Minutes / 380 Uses 5 Year Warranty Note: *The Duet is not intended as a water purifier. Although it will reduce the amount of chlorine and fluoride in municipal water (as the water spins), it is not intended as a water purifier. It is still recommended to use the best water you have. **Order a Replacement Mineral Basket Replacement Mineral Basket Replacement Mineral Basket

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