Steve Meyerowitz was a health crusader who developed a highly effective approach to preventing disease and premature aging. Steve was pronounced “Sproutman” by Vegetarian Times Magazine in a 1979 feature article that explored his 100% sprout diet.

You can benefit from the wisdom of Steve’s approach in his books, available here. His popular books include Sprouts the Miracle Food, Sproutman’s Kitchen Garden Cookbook, and Wheatgrass: Nature’s Finest Medicine, to name a few. His other books provide valuable information that will help you enhance your health through fasting, organic foods, and raw juice therapy.

Steve taught his innovative indoor kitchen gardening techniques and the cuisine he developed from them, at his ”no-cooking school” in New York City, “The Sprout House” – so named because much of his cuisine included vegetables from his kitchen garden sprouts.

Steve regularly led groups on his popular “7 Day Just Juice” diet and other vegetarian lifestyle topics in workshops and online webinars. Thousands of people have cleansed, lost weight, think sharper and feel younger because of his guidance.

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