Become an Affiliate

Become and Affiliate – Earn Commissions!register-now-button Recommend Your Favorite Sproutman Products on Your Website or Blog! Earn cash for your referrals by becoming a Sproutman Affiliate*. Place your favorite Sproutman product on your web page or blog and when your visitors choose to buy one, you get a 10% commission. That’s all there is to it! We provide you with a link (we have several for you to choose from) which is coded with your name as the source of the referral. If your referral buys something, the shipping and order fulfillment is all done by Sproutman. No work for you. Just collect those commission checks! All you need is a website or a blog site. Tell your guests about one of our products that you like and we will do the rest.


1. Someone clicks on an item on your site

2. They buy it through us

3. You get a commission

Why become an affiliate?

  • We give you a 10% commission on every order.
  • No cost to you.
  • We treat your referrals with prompt and professional customer service.
  • We respect the privacy of your referrals.
  • Our Professional affiliate software keeps track of your referrals.





We’ll provide you with all marketing material and images.

(just like this one)

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  • You must have an active blog or website. Small blogs or websites are accepted.
  • A social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) is accepted, too.
  • The 10% commission is not intended for you to give yourself a discount.  If you attempt to collect a commission on an item you ordered for yourself your affiliate account may be deactivated.
  • If any affiliate account is inactive (no link clicks) for a period of 3 months or longer it will be removed.

register-now-button *Please note that we want all of our Affiliates to keep their website/blog up to date and active. If any Affiliate Account is inactive (no link clicks) for a period of 3 months or longer we will remove you from our Affiliate Program. If you are a private individual please do not create an Affiliate Account to get a discount.